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What to expect

EQuip is a full body, low impact, high inten­sity work­out. It is a training system which combines Pilates principles with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and is conducted in a room heated to 32 degrees Celsius. Hot Pilates strength­ens mus­cles and burns fat — all with­out the pound­ing of a high impact work­out. It is per­formed on a yoga mat mak­ing it zero impact, pro­tect­ing your joints and mus­cles from the pound­ing of other exer­cises like run­ning and jumping. It is designed for all fit­ness levels.

The class com­bines car­dio and mus­cle ton­ing in a heated room. The High Inten­sity Inter­val Train­ing (HIIT) keeps your heart rate up, help­ing you burn fat and increase fitness levels. The Pilates prin­ci­ples sculpt your body, cre­at­ing long lean mus­cle mass, and enable you to build stronger core strength.  The heat loosens up the mus­cles quickly, and the humid­ity makes you sweat — ele­vat­ing your heart rate, boost­ing metab­o­lism, and pro­mot­ing detoxification.

Getting started

  • All classes are 60 minutes or 45minutes

  • Please bring a yoga mat, a bottle of water and 2 large towels, (one to cover your mat & one to shower with). These items are available for rent/purchase at the studio.

  • Avoid eating a heavy meal 2 hours prior to the class. A light snack such as a banana and a coconut water is a great energy booster before class!

  • Be prepared to sweat as the room is hot by intention.

  • Wear clothing you can move and sweat in – shorts and tank top are great!

  • To have the best experience please arrive early. Doors open 30 minutes before classes start and close 2 minutes before the scheduled class time. This is to ensure all classes run on time and to keep the building secure while sessions are running. Latecomers will not be admitted.

  • Please inform your teacher of any injuries or health problems you may have. Having injuries should not stop you from practicing your yoga, however by informing your teachers it will help them to be able to guide you accordingly.

  • Minimum age to participate in the classes is 14 years old. These children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the class. All children under the age of 16 years are required to have their registration form co-signed by a parent or guardian. We reserve the right to refuse admission if these requirements are not met.

  • Make sure you are well hydrated BEFORE you come to class.

  • There is no need to book. If it is your first time please turn up at least 15 minutes before class.