All our classes are beginner friendly and suitable for bodies and fitness levels. We believe through our diverse range of classes there is a class thats right for you! To have the best experience please arrive early. Doors open 30 minutes before classes start and close 2 minutes before the scheduled class time. Latecomers will not be admittedPlease inform your teacher of any injuries or health problems you may have. Having injuries should not stop you from practicing your yoga, however by informing your teachers it will help them to be able to guide you accordingly. There is no need to book. If it is your first time please turn up at least 15 minutes before class.

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Bikram yoga is suitable for all types of bodies. So, whether you want to gain stillness of the mind, become a little bendier, ease those niggling aches and pains, or lose those unwanted kilos...Bikram yoga could be just what you're looking for!


VINYASA / FLOW (heated & unheated)

Vinyasa is a powerful and creative form of yoga that synchronizes breath and movement. Generally, each movement in and out of a posture is made on an inhalation or exhalation, so the yoga unites the breath with the movement in a choreographed sequence. 

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EQuip is a full body workout paired up with up-beat music. You will gain health and flexibility and train your muscles to work together; which will lead to weight loss, good posture, & strength throughout your body.

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YIN YOGA  (unheated)

Do you spend long periods of time sitting in a chair? Does your work or home life involve a lot of stress? Perhaps you feel your body tightening, as you are getting older? Then yin yoga could be the perfect yoga for you!